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    What does this experiment tell us about the state of Black Dignity in the United States?


    In my opinion it shows how some Black or African Americans are brain washed into thinking we are not worthy of high honor nor represent the westernized standards of beauty. Watching television and hearing stereotypes from others come into factor of believing Black is “bad” and White is “good”. The enforcing of adapting to European as the measure of all beauty have truly damaged our confidence to where we don’t see the value of our self-worth. The fixation of teaching there is only one superior “Race” or “Ethnicity” have got to stop because it’s still hindering our chances of uniting as a human race. I believe that if this type of teaching were to stop, it would open up many people’s minds and for once they would have the opportunity to form their own honest opinion without any bias or prejudice.


    I’ve always remembered when i was a little girl growing up in “California” i could not wait till “Christmas” came knowing that i was going to get the pretty “white” doll that was always given to me, never knew that there were “black”
    dolls.In other words that’s how my parents
    brought me up in a basically “white” atmosphere. Mainly all white television shows to where i was as one would say “Programmed”.Being the only black child in the classroom some of the kids made fun of me starting from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet to where i had a very low self esteem and i just kept to myself.


    The doll experiment is what we see every day in mainstream media and beauty standards. There are many experiments just like this that I have read where “black v. white” is shown in the form of a car, clothing, dolls, or other non suspecting items that in reality are programming this “good v. bad” thought pattern. There was another study I saw where people showed pictures from people from varying backgrounds and they were connected to a machine that read their vitals and most of the time participant’s vitals significantly changed when they saw a person of color. Interesting at how many images our eyes/brain process in a day and how they subliminally impact how we view beauty or really just people in general.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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